Server Update, Special Announcement | July 4, 2021 1:05 PM

🎉 Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

Our first year on Discord has finally come to a close. It's quite an amazing feat to have lasted this long, and I want to take this occasion to thank all of our amazing Moderators, Helpers, Contest Helpers, Podcast Hosts, and most importantly, our community members.

Our community has reached:

  • 3.2k members
  • 1.29 million messages sent
  • 23,486 photos sent
  • 25 photo contests
  • We've counted to 42,499
  • Discord Partnership

To celebrate reaching 3k members, we'll be doing 3 $10 Discord Nitro Giveaways!

👨🏼‍🎨 Introducing Stickers

Discord has introduced custom stickers for servers, and we pounced on the opportunity to stock up. We've added the maximum amount of stickers we can add so you can have as large a selection as possible. For now, they're not photography-specific but over time we'll be adding stickers that are unique to Photography & Filmmaking.

💬 Server Score Revamp

Tatsu, the bot which keeps track of our messages and rewards us with points, has recently changed its minimum requirement for points per minute. Due to this, we're forced to raise the minimum amount of points you can earn per minute to avoid a server score gold rush. The 2k role will be archived just like the 500-point role was a few months ago. People won't lose the role if they already have it, but it won't be rewarded to new members anymore. We've also blacklisted channels that are easy to spam in which will prevent score farming.

📰 Coming soon:

  • Professional community rebranding
  • Updated Booster perks list
  • Fixing the Server Discovery bug
  • Huge update (still a secret for now)