New Version | Jun 16, 2021 2:38 PM

🔖 Introducing Versions

In the past months, we've worked hard to continue innovating and perfecting the community and how it works. Through custom bots, new channels, websites, and improved infrastructure for Members as well as Staff, we've continued to keep upping our game.

June has been a bit of a dry patch as far as updating our community, but that's just because we're in the middle of adding the biggest updates yet. We're very excited to introduce these in the near future, but in the meantime we'll be making community updates prettier and more in-depth using Notion and our new website.

Versions will also be used now to keep track of our progress and community development. Larger updates that change how our community functions will have their own whole number, and smaller updates that are in between larger ones will be fractional amounts of these whole number versions. Because we're introducing this now and not when the server was first created, we'll be starting at V2. Everything that happened previous to this point will be part of V1.

📰 What to expect soon:

  • Brand new website at https://discord.photography
  • Complete revamp and professionalized rebranding
  • Versions and more in-depth server updates on our new website
  • A few things that are bigger than everything listed here that we can't talk about publicly yet